Clarus Design

32 Great Western Studios
Alfred Road
W2 5EU

A creative agency improving brand positioning, communication, confidence and reputation for clients in a range of sectors.

Tel +44 (0)20 3735 9346

Recipients of the Graphis International Award 2012 / 2013 / 2014


Clarus is an independent agency that works with clients in a range of sectors to improve performance, confidence and reputation through enhancement of their brand.

Whether it's a corporate organisation preparing for (or emerging from) changes to its infrastructure, a non-profit lobbying for financial or regulatory outcomes, a governing body seeking to reach constituents – and potential constituents – effectively, or a start-up wishing to establish itself in the market, we have the intelligence, the commitment and the creative approach to deliver astute and original solutions with impact and consistency.

Regularly competing successfully against agencies with a global reputation, we attribute our strength not simply to the excellence of our work, but also to our size which is conducive to genuine, flexible and enduring relationships with our clients.


We are a multi-faceted creative agency, able to work on an adhoc, individual project basis, or as long-term partners collaborating on the achievement of strategic goals. We offer extensive experience of identity development, publication design, corporate reporting, advertising art direction and copywriting, packaging, digital solutions and websites.


Over 12 years we have built strong relationships with a pool of specialists, each in turn amongst the best in their respective industry. From print to packaging to photography, specialist illustration and code writing, these working partners have unfailingly supported us in our commitment to provide our clients with a flawless end product and a seamless service.